To protect our natural world

At Royal River, we take our responsibility to protect our natural world and the planet we live on very seriously

We know that travellers are more eco-conscious now than ever before, and rightly so. We share the opinion that hotels have a responsibility to be as socially, economically and environmentally sustainable as possible, which is why, right back when this hotel was still in its early planning stages, we committed ourselves to making sustainability one of the five cornerstones on which our unique resort has been built.


The Royal River Luxury Hotel is supplied with 100% renewable energy

Royal River Luxury Hotel will exclusively consume 100% energy from renewable sources (solar, wind and biomass) thanks to the contract signed with Endesa, and the facilities owned by the hotel itself. With these actions the complex avoids the emission of 1.4 tons of CO2 per year.


Royal River & Endesa

The Royal River Luxury Hotel of the Grand Luxury category, located in Adeje, will consume only 100% renewable energy thanks to the contract signed in the hotel facilities, between the property of the tourist complex and the Endesa company.


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