Volcanic Wine Tasting


This is a unique experience to learn more about the Canary Islands through wine. There will be tasting from 5 of the 7 Canary Islands that form this Macaronesian archipelago. Our Sommelier, Nuria España will find the hidden magic & virtues in these atlantic wines,  she is a true Ambassador.

On this journey you will learn all about the islands and their different types of wine. The influence of the 'Alisio' winds (North easterly winds), the rugged orography and the volcanic terrain, all influence their taste. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy unique endemic varieties.

The diversity of these microclimates helps to create these very special wines. They range from the freshest fruity whites, to reds full of spicy nuances. Hand-crafted vineyards and Artisan wineries are spread out through the geography of the Islands, from the coast up to the mountain slopes, where you can find the highest vineyards in Spain and Europe.